Task Player

group your tasks as album
and play it.

Don't just manage tasks,
play them!

Like music player, but instead of musics you put your tasks here.

Create Album

Album is a collection of tasks.

Add tasks

Put all related tasks you want to track time in an album.

Play it

Start timing your task.

Gesture-based control

Use gestures to manipulate the tasks and albums, but buttons still use where appropriate.

Variety of alerts & icons

10+ high-quality sounds for any taste and 100+ icons for any tasks

What can Task Player do ?


You can apply any time technique with Task Player. Just create tasks that fit your technique.


Make each process and its duration as task and you are ready to cook.


Make tasks for each of your session.


Possibility is unlimited. You can adapt to any kind of your activities i.e. meditation, yoga

Simple, but Functional

Player Options

Advanced control available for you set to fit your need